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I've had a problem running FS2004. After successful installation to 100%, the computer crashes and restarts every time I try to run the game. I've managed to play it using a friend's computer so the game itself is fine. I'm playing it at the moment in safe mode. My graphics card is Radeon 9200. So to summarise:
1) I've installed it twice now
2) when i run the game, the policy statement with accept/decline comes up
3) after clicking accept, instead of playing the game, the computer restarts stating a 'had to shut down error'.
further note: i've succesfully installed and managed to run FS 2002 using the same computer.
any tips anyone???

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CTD, Crash To Desktop is a very common occurrence with this graphic heavy program.;en-us;823628

Do you have:
The latest drivers for your video card.
All the latest Windows (critical) updates.
The latest 9.0b DirectX.
Any programs running in the background, AV, firewall (ZoneAlarm).

If you do all of this and continue to have problems please let us know all of your computer specs.
Good luck.


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