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Hi guys, I have many question today 😛
First of all, I have a Pentium IV 3.0 with 512mb Ram (maybe I can upgrade my memory?) and a radeon x600pro videocard.

I bought FS Falcon from Lago for FS2004 and when I want to flight with one of them, my computer bug and I have to restart it and if I restart a flight with one of the F-16 the computer bug again... I think that maybe it's my videocard who have a problem? I have uninstall FS falcon and reinstall but doesn't work. What do you think? And if I start a flight with a FS2004 airplane it's ok... sometines the computer bug but not also often.

I also want to know what do you suggest me like a "best of" to buy for an FS2004 add-on. I have checked for Ultimate traffic 2004 or Traffic 2005? Something to say about that? Maybe something to upgrade the terrain like FS Global?

I also want to know if some of you have try A-10 Warthog and how it is? And what about flight Deck 3? I also see a new one since a couple of weeks, C-130 Hercule... someone try it?

I want to know your opinion on those... Yeah I know it's many question in short time but I need to know. 😀


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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

I'm not sure about this, but if you upgrade terrain and ground detail, if your graphics card if powerful enough, you might not find jerks and halts in the game. Another thing I would do is to upgrade my memory, because the game, if you install higher textures (i assume), will consume up a lot of memory causing the game to run slower/hence freeze and restarting. I used to have this problem and happens to me sometimes.
I personally want to buy Ultimate Traffic 2005 and the Boeing 737-NG, but I doubt that it will run smooth.
yet again I could be wrong.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

My suggestion is to spend some money to get a better card and another one 512mb stick instead of buying add-ons at the moment.
Scenery add-ons,especially the payware ones,are power hungry applications so i think that you wont enjoy them as you would like too.

My opinion. 😉

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bctsnowdevil Trainee

Thanks Greekman72... I think that I will follow your suggestion. I will check for another 512mb stick. I will keep my videocard for the moment caus it does the job. With all the graphic option at the maximum, it run perfectly.

Thanks for your help...

Anyone have other comment about the add on ?


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