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Where do I get software that will allow me to get diffrent camra angles than the default fs9 spot plane view? Example: you can't get most of these with spot plane.

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Sorry, forgot to sign in.

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hinch Chief Captain

f1view - free download from

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mcmxl Trainee

Nice site but I have no idea what i am looking for. 😕

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

F1View ,Active Camera,Walk & Follow.

F1View(freeware) ➡

Active Camera(payware) ➡

Walk & Follow ➡

Check them and come back with your questions. 😉

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Are you talking about these sort of shots.

(Click Link)

As Mr GM has said I use Walk and follow, which is payware. You can use the free programe from Flight 1 that hinch gave. But to get the sort of shots I take you will be fidling all day long to get the right angle.

If your going to but any payware in the near future I 100% reckonmend Walk & Follow. just follow the link that GM gave.

Enjoy the weekend.


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Dear Liono.I forgot to mention that Walk & Follow is a programm that i learn from you.Sorry Embarassed

...And yes its a nice program but indeed needs some time to give the right angle for the shot.I admire your patience to do it in order to provide us some of the greatests shots.I was boring from the first moment to do it... 😀 😉

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