NEW: Even more Plane Spotting Photos (June 2006)

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Recently I discovered a new location at my local airport, Auckland International, to take photos of the taxing, landing and taking off aircraft.

Today I revisited that site, got some new snaps, and also found another "open gate" to the domestic terminal apron and I managed to get quite a few shots of the Air New Zealand props reflecting on the wet tarmac, on this typical June winter morning.

Check out the next 13 photos (1890kb):

1. ZK-JNF Qantas 737 taxing down runway 23R

2. An Air New Zealand 747 touching down after a 12 hour flight from LAX

3. Air New Zealand's new Boeing 777 with hard left rudder applied

4. An Air New Zealand 767 touches down while an ANZ Link pilot walks towards his aircraft

5. A dirty Qantas 747 holds short at runway 23L

6. ZK-NLO Saab Turboprop

7. ZK-NLI unloading

8. Air National's British Aerospace Jetstream 3200

9. It's a busy morning at the domestic apron

10. Another Air New Zealand 747 under maintenance

11. A rare Atlas Air cargo 747 visiting Auckland

12. A Cargolux jumbo, with nose door wide open

13. Great Barrier Airlines' Britten Norman Tri-Islander, the only model in the Southern Hemisphere

That’s the lot for now, not as good as my last effort thanks to the weather, but if you have any comments, you can still post them below.

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Nick (-Jester-) First Officer

👏 awesome job cheeky!

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Excellent shots Cheeky ❗ ❗ ❗ ...I see the SAAB i have flown tonight to shots #6,7 if i can see well 😳 😉

Feed us with more... 😂 😉

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mcmxl Trainee


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ceetee Chief Captain

Thanks guys! I am glad you like them 😉

Here are two videos I recorded:
The first one is the Qantas 747 taking off this morning. It is in .wmv format and only 1mb. You can download it here ➡

The second one is from the other week, of a Air New Zealand 767 taking off and is only 800kb, and also in WMV format. Get it here ➡

My recording was pretty shakey, and the videos are low quality to make smaller filesize. See what ya think.

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Great shots CT ❗ ❗ 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I like your photos, your videos are just the way I like, sharp, interesting, nicely shot and above all...short!


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davidmac1 First Officer

Nice interesting shots there.

😂 the pilot in pic 4 looks like he's reaching for his keys - find that amusing

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