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I am starting my new fleet and need help lol.

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Brian B. (valcan222) First Officer

Boeing 767-200
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 767-400
Boeing 737-287
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-500
Boeing 737-700

thoes are the ones I am lookign for, the reason if any of you noticed thats deltas current fleet to my knowlage and thats the fleet I am makeing on my FSP so thats why I am looking for all theas, and if possible make sure they have a virtual cockpit I hate the ones that dont lol. Please say if it dose or dosent in your post. and if possible a repaint for them to be delta, or if thats how they are originaly thats good to lol. thanks


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None of these have virtual cockpits but are all Delta, except the CRJ which is a paintkit.... ➡

767-200... ➡

767-300... ➡

767-400... ➡

CRJ-900... ➡

737-800... ➡

Delta also operate the 777... ➡

Base model =
Delta paintkit =

737-200... ➡

By the way....Delta dont operate the 737-400/500/700. They just operate the 737-200/300 and the -800 at the moment.

I'm not sure they operate the CRJ-900 either...they do however operate the CRJ-200/700 and heres a link... ➡ (200) (700)

You've also forgotton the 757-200 and heres the link... ➡

Delta fly the MD-88/90 but I couldn't find any of them...these should keep you busy anyway


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Brian B. (valcan222) First Officer

HEY thanks thats a big help and the reason I didnt mention the ones you said were because I had them already lol but thanks. I will download them in a few hours I am heading off to the airport in just a few minuets for a flying lesson,


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