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Hey every1, well I am starting to play fs2002 again, and am starting to get better. but one thing is when i am talking to the ATC tower, and ask them for taxi instructions to take off, they head me to a runway that is facing the complete opposite way of my destination path. i do use the flight planner and have it outlined on my GPS. when i do get to the runway they tell me to go on, i take off after gaining permission, and they then tell me i am out of their airspace when i am in the air. what am i doing wrong?

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You are doing nothing wrong 😉 ...the tower assigns the runway according to wind direction not where your destination is relative to your craft.

You take-off and land into the wind 😉


ahh im such a noob :*(

thanks for the info tho 🙂

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lol, yea an its ok. if any questions ask.


i needed to know that 2 lol thanks 😀

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