Why make runways if u cant use them?


I just noticed recently that when you use ATC and you want to land, they always tell u to land at the same runway in the same direction everytime when their are more then one runway at the airport to land at. Is their anything i can download to make it so they use all the runways?

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The reason ATC does that is valid and is a process used in the real world.

You will be assigned a runway according to wind direction - aircraft land into the wind for greater control surface efficiency (Read this post if you want more information on that ) so if you want to land on a different runway, either ignore ATC, or go to the weather options and change the weather so ATC will direct you to a knew runway 😉


I know what you mean with the wind direction but i dont think thats the case. I usually fly around chicago and have tried to land at O'hare airport in chicago that has 7 runways and everytime they make me go in the same runway the same exact way. And another runway is pointing the same direction as the runway they tell me to land on so it couldent be because of wind direction.

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At most large airports, certain runways are preferred over others because of ATC workload. It's easer for the tower and/or ground control to handle traffic if departures use one parallel runway and arrivals use another. Some runways are almost never used to land on but are used only for departures. The direction that you approach the airport also plays a part in the selection of which parallel runway you're assigned. Some airports have a preferred calm wind runway. This all may have been programed into Flight Simulator but even if it's not, I would not get too upset, it's just a runway. Remember that this is a rough approximation of ATC. 🙂

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CRJCapt is correct. Going even further, many busy airports having parallel runways, assign the arrival or departure runway based on the size or speed of the aircraft. I don't know ORD's practices regarding runways but I know this to be true for many of the large airports in the western USA.

For example, SFO has two primary parallel runways for arrivals, 01L/19R and 01R/19L. Typically, the wind favors use of runways 01. When ATC has a faster, heavier aircraft making an approach at the same time as a lighter, slower one, they will usually vector arrivals and assign approaches so that the faster heavier aircraft uses 01R and the lighter, slower one uses 01L. It's pretty impressive to be on short final for 01L in a Cessna 172 and have a B-747 heavy sweep past you at what seems like just off your wingtip to land on 01R. Of course, the runways are separated by several hundred meters but with that size disparity, it seems very close indeed.


Ive tried landing their in a cessna, 737, and 747. All them were told to go in through 14R at O'hare. I also just set my traffic settings to high and flew around the airport trying to see if any plane would land on a different runway. Didnt happen. Listened to ATC trying to see if any planes were told to takeoff or land at a different runway. Every plane landed and took off from the same runway. After a while their was about 7 airplanes holding short of this runway 😂 . I changed the weather.. same thing happened. Oh well.. im starting to think maybe since FS2002 was the first one to use ATC that Microsoft didnt program it to use every runway at airports.. Maybe thats the case but i dont know. Oh well not a big deal.

One other question i wanted to ask.. Is their something i can download so that the AI traffic were real life planes? Like united, southwest, etc?


FS ATC isnt smart enough to process the use of 2 runways, you need to buy an ai program like ultimate traffic if you want to use a different runway 😀

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