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hi guys! I havent been around for a while, because most of you know that I live in minnesota, but i am visiting north california for now for a week because my grandma is having heart surgery. my grandma got through it and she is doing amazing! anyway i have some other things to celebrate- a few days ago i had my first anniversary to flyawaysimulation!! Also, on the 14th of june, i turned 12 years old! 3 things to celebrate in one post...phew!

anyway i probably will not be ably to reply to tis post till i get back on saturday, because i am using the computers at my hotels office place, and i might not be able to get on here any more till i get back home. anyways, i will be glad to be back home on saturday, and goodbye for now!


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Good to hear from you robbier ❗ ❗ 😉

happy B'day 😉

🍻 Group Wave 🍻

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Glad to hear that your Grandman got through the heart surgery
Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary

😎 😎

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All good news ❗ Happy birthday. 😀

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Gongratuilations and celebrations!
happy b'day!

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Hey there welcome ❗

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thanks a lot guys for the comments and c ya all on saturday or sunday!

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