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Hello everyone,

OK, this is the situation:

For Xmas last year I got a laptop - hoping that FS9 will run on it quite well.

FS9 is running WORSE than ever, it takes about three minutes to actually load the simulator itself. The I select the a/c I want - which takes about 1-3 minutes to actually change. Then when I click 'Fly now' don't want to know how long it takes to load - probably about 4-5 minutes ❗ ❗ - Pilotwannabe will know what im talking about (m/p)

From then on, FS constantly stutters and a lot of the time, a lot of my payware scenery e.g London Airports 2000, flashes all the time.

Having a laptop, I have a built in GFX card that I cannot change. So that is something that I have to accept 😞

If you were actually using the laptop I have for FS9 - you will be shocked at its performance. 😉

I have about ten a/c on my FS9 now - all payware except one or two.

I also have quite a lot of scenery (I have removed VOZ for now).

Can I please ask anyone out there for some tips and proper advice on how to get the best out of FS9 with my lappy - im not looking for the answer of 'Get a PC' because I can't.

Please guys - I am really stuck!

Mike Crying or Very sad

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I will post my lappy specs - I forgot 😂

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You could try removing some of the add-on scenery that you dont really need and also lowering your display settings...especially the mesh slider.

I don't have the best PC and this sort of thing happened to me in the past i.e. very very slow loading times and stuttering etc etc. I ended up doing a complete re-install and starting from scratch. I haven't installed any add-on scenery since and that seams to have done the trick more than anything 😉

Getting some more memory will also work wonders but of course that costs money 😉

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If you can add some more memory,it will help
the only real answer would be to turn all the settings down and see what it runs like.Then push them up one at a time and run fs to see what it looks and runs like Yucky
As for the loading times,it may be time for a reinstall of Fs9
if the laptop is slow with everything(slower than when you bought it)then 1st try defragging the H/D
It may be that Windows has become clogged and a fresh install would help

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