what i want to see in FS 2006


you know those virtual cockpits and virtual cabins in FS 2004? how about virtual terminals at airports in FS 2006! or more views-wing views from inside the cabin! or having a virtual camers so you can walk around the terminals at airports and walk in jetways and get on aircraft from jetways!

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Simon from Poland Guest

I don't know anything about FS2006, but I have a few good ideas to make Fs2006 better and more realistic than ever!
1. More realistic ground. Buildings are already good made, but ground is just highly-detailed textures. Detailed roads, elevated walk zones and building localizations above road (in a few cities in fs2004, like Vientiane in Lao Republic, buildings are enter into roads...). Thats all will increase computer performance and can be very hard to create, but thats will make graphics much more realistic.
2. Detailed coast line. Have you ever flew ovr Sydney or other dense builded city at the coast? If yes, probably you saw Hyde-Park. Everything is OK, but if you will watch coast of Botany Bay and compare with true picture.....
3. Make more dense building and trees. Trees shut be nearer to buildings and hide part of it.
Maybe Im wrong, but all these options can make flying on VFR more enjoyable. I thing good will be something like passanger mode (detailed passanger cabins, co-passangers), where you can simulate passanger fly, from taxing to landing in passanger seat. Good will be create screens with map for these.

Maybe my English is not so good and in my text there are a few mistakes... Sorry for these... 😂

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