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FS 9 closing down

carldan Guest

hi - can any body help

I load fs9 no probrem but i get a spash screen then nothing it just closes down - got p4 - 2790 mb processor 512mb ram 2gb virtual mem
intel extreme graphics on board.

have installed and unistalled several times -

also i can seem to get the settings to come up when it does work - you know the one where you can adjust and add scenery.

please help Im getting frustratd and dont like being GROUNDED !!!!

thanks folks


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

You systems specs are in the limit of the minimum requirements of FS.
Not the ones which are written on the CD-case,these are a bit far from reality,but the ones it is been proved that it needs.Although it should runs in lower settings.
As a first step i could suggest to check and close some un-necessary programs that probably running on background and spend your sources

This program can help you. ➡

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Greekman is 100% correct. Part of the 512mb memory is being used for that onboard video card.


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