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Veiws from the cabin!?

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Does any one know of a program or utilite that gives you the option of looking out of the cabin window? say over the wing? it would make a nice addition when crusing because you don't get to see much from the cockpit. I also sometimes like to look back (rear left or rear right) and see the engines and wing, i just think it looks cool, but the defaut aircraft don't allow this because the seat and stuff is in the way. I know you can't see anything from the cockpit in a real 737 but seen as this is just a game!

Also i have FS passengers (Which is one of the best add ons ever) and sometimes i like to check my flaps are working by physically looking at them, and fs passengers can throw up some crazy failures!

So if anyone knows any veiwing packages that work well

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There are some utilities to do this.
F1View, Active Camera and Walk & Follow

F1View(freeware) ➡

Active Camera(payware) ➡

Walk & Follow(payware) ➡

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nice one, thought it was just me, didn't realise it was so popular!

cheers pal

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