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Gainward FX5900 Ultra/1300XT 256MB "Golden Sample"

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Fear Now I've gone and done it.She will Poke in Eye if she finds out 🙄
Secret I am waiting for the delivery man to bring me a Gainward FX5900 Ultra/1300XT 256MB "Golden Sample"(please come Thursday)

When I get it and get it running Hack I will let you know how it is


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Group Wave Group Wave Group Wave

Wow, It sounds like a beauty, she's going to kill you.
Take her out to dinner...for the next ten days. Surrender


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Secret She still do'es not know because the Censored thing has not landed at my door

When she do'es I dont think ten days will do it Fear

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Arkydave First Officer

You should let us know in advance what hospital you plan to go to when she finds out, TTT. Ill We'll send flowers, get well cards, and screen shots. 🍻

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 😀 It came today and all I can say is WOW FANBLOODLYTASTIC.

Ok Read and followed the supplied instructions and no problems.I get an extra icon in my task bar, click on it and I get the normal options...screen refresh rate and all the others plus a power setting...core clock at 450 mhz and memory at 780 mhz

So fire up fs9......... and it just blew me lag between views and just WOW
So lets push up the fs frame rate(was set at 26 with a FX5700)to unlimited at Heathrow +Traffic2004 @ 75% and now im hitting ....tops 75fps to about 45fps(more than enough for smooth flights)I;ve not tried it over the sea yet ❗

Farcry......I may be able to progress on this now as I get no stutter durring game play(always getting shot)

Umm... Just clicked the update tab on my new taskbar icon and I have three updates to perform(vga tools,vga driver and vga Bios) Umm...

I will update the tools and driver( Fear not sure about the Bios) shortly.....and maybe push the card a bit with the supplied overclock tools.

Now let me enjoy for a while

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Group Wave

Whoa, Yes those FPS are very impressing. I'm Drool at your descriptions, you sound as if you scored a winner with this card.
Your going to enjoy this one for a long time. 👍
Nope Stop by and visit every so often ROFL



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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

To TomTheTank
Just a few questions:
What power supply you have? (In watts)
Will it fit any motherboard?
How much did you pay ?(I know it is not a nice question)
What type of cooling sys and do you have extra fan in the comp? At my place this time the year at daytime is going up to 30 Celsius

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Hi Rafi

My power supply is fairly new,its a Qtec 550 watt(very good stable p/s and quite cheap(under 30 inc postage)
The recommended power supply for the card is 300watts
This card also requires its own power supply via a molex connector(the same as a hard drive p/s)

It also says that the card will fit a AGP compliant mobo..........its quite wide because it has a twin fan system so I dont think anything would fit in the next PCI slot
(always better to leave it free anyway for cooling click link above for full specs and picture)

As for cooling my pc the p/s has two fans and I have fitted a fan at the bottom front of the pc(it cannot be seen from the front as its behind the cover but it draws air in quite well)and one at the back (a standard fitting)blowing air out
Oh of course a fan on the processor

How much......well prices vary from 220 high street to 150 of the net in mainland Europe
Guess which price I payed

Hope it helps

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