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KLAX, a big mess!

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Last night I decided to do some plane spotting at KLAX. I do not konw if I caused it or what but the AI traffic was having major problems. After watching a few departures and arrivals, I sat on the runway and made the arrivals have to go around until there were 5-6 in the pattern. This is when the trouble began. Two of the planes tried to land at the same time, one right behind the other (less than .1 mile apart). The one in back landed with its gear only part way down and ended up taking off again right through the other one. If I tried that I would have crashed. After this cleared up one plane tried to cross the runway but had to wait for a landing 747. The 747 decided to use the same taxi way as the waiting plane. So they just sat there waiting for the other to move. The 747 was still on the runway so ATC had to make all the other traffic go around, and kept telling the 747 to exit runway when able. It looked like it would have lasted for ever if I had not ended the flight. I think someone forgot to put airport safety in AI traffic plans. Talk about bad ATC. I will post some pix and a video clip in the screenshot forum soon. 😀 🙂 Surprised 😳 😕 Embarassed 🙄 Twisted Evil ❗ ❓ 😂

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