FS2004 Crashed bigtime

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Well, about 4 months ago ,y FS2004 began to develop problems-thing were no longer working right. I made a choice to delete the game, but saved all my aircraft and scenery and textures.

I slowly re-added items into FS2004 and had the game looking fairly normal--for some reason the SIX DEFAULT SCENERY fix was never able to be added back on--I wrote the creator and never got a reply.

Today, I went to do some flying, I had added some additional items that had previously been in the game-and got major errors.

I tried for several hours to track down the problem

Seems when selecting a flight setup, when I went to choose a country, only some of the countries showed up (same problem as before)

It went from Thialand to the Netherlands with 1 airport called leek lake in that netherlands area--anything beyond that showed NOTHING
I tried making a copy of the scenery.cfg, then deleting everything past the built in stuff--it did not work--same problem.

SO...I decided to delete FS2004 Completely.

Its gonna take me at least a year to re-add all the scenery files I have--so, I am really miffed.

This is the second time I had this prolem-I shall reload everything in from square one this time.

I am really quite angry over this.

For future reference--anyone know what happened?
Why the ability to see all airports worldwide disappeared?


It will be a while

Capt. Dennison

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Specs would be helpful. 😉
Disk Defragment too.Restore points also.
I'm sure you know that the add-ons(especially scenery ones)are power hungry and maybe slowing down our system and FS performance.
I prefer to spend some time to re-install FS and set it up as i like from having some add-ons that sleep for weeks or months or forever.

Delete everything,clean and defrag your system,dumb all the useless add-ons and re-install FS according to your tastes.Its painful but its worth the time.

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Greekman72 wrote:

Delete everything,clean and defrag your system,dump all the useless add-ons and re-install FS according to your tastes.Its painful but its worth the time.

Exactly what I am going to do. Defragging is done. I am assuming that one of the addons did something to the scenery config on its own, and as I did not go from square 1 the frist time, it did the same thing again???

Its gonna be a real pain in the ass, thats all I can say about it all.

Capt. Dennison

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ceetee Chief Captain

I am really quite angry over this.

Belive me I know this feeling and understand your pain!

I recently wiped fs2004 off my system and it took days and days to re-installed my addons.

I knew the unspeakable would happen one day so I decided to keep backups of all my install files so I could preform a fresh install... although it turned out to be my own error that caused me to think a re-install was neccercery, but now I have a fresh version of fs2004 on my system, it is running much better than it was previously 😉

Sorry I cannot help you with your problem, but I wish you all the best with your reinstall. Here are a few tips that may help you:

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Just add one item at a time, see how it works for a day or so and then add another. If you add a few at a time you can't tell which is causing the problems.
Just because it's pay-ware doesn't mean it's perfect.

Good luck this time around.


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