I have a problem with the F-14D

hawk_345 Guest

i have tried many diferent types of F-14s and diferent 1s m,ade by diferent people but everytime i can never get the guages tow work. i tried the newest 1 called us navy tomcat and another f-14d rev final, but the guages never work. i put all the contents of the guages folder. tomcat Vc and tomcat, in the FS9 guage folder but they dont show up. I even tried deleting all the guages from the tomcat files and replacing them but tha never worked eitehr. i dont know what to do, also i had it bvefor and it worked but i had to reinstall the game and now i cant get it to work, and its the only 1 like it. please help.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Does it have any specific instructions in the read me at all, other than just copy the gauges to your FS9 gauge folder?

Hawk_345 Guest

it did not say anything that i could see but maybe i should download them again and look through the redme again, but im sure it did not when i first read it a while back.

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