i'm back, but want your assistance

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Hi Guys,

Whilst some of you may never have noticed my absence, it is true that i haven't been on Flyaway for some time now. Life is so hectic with two small children!!

So, i need your help to give me ideas on how to maximise my flying time so as to get the most out of the shorter sessions i now have.

Nice to see new members here and also good to see a dedicated screenshot forum, best idea in a long time!

Nice to be here again

Micah 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Welcome back Micah - and yes, you were missed 😉

It really depends on what you like doing in the sim. As a few suggestions, you could practice landings, takeoffs, flying in traffic patterns, taxiing by saving a flight at the point where you want to practice, i.e. on finals for landing practice.

You could do some navigation practice - it doesn't take long and is quite satisfying, i.e. VOR to VOR.

If you like flying VFR, you could get some great VFR scenery and do a small hop in a small aircraft, from one runway to another, in a short period of time.

If you like flying larger jets, then you could set up a flight starting on the runway and takeoff cruise and land on short haul flights, i.e. Gatwick to Charles De Gaulle. If that takes too long, then try a prop aircraft, for shorter distances, like Luton to Jersey - it will only take 40 minutes or so.

Alternatively, get your children into Flight Sim then teach them everything there is to know about it - that way its their fault that you have to keep flying 😂

Hope that helps, and its nice to see you back 😉

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Ben (eagle3) Trainee

welcome back!

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ceetee Chief Captain

Wow Micah! You are still alive 😉

Great to see you back buddy- since you were around last, there has been a cool new freeware package developed called "VOZ" which updates scenery, weather, landclass and waterclass particually for Australia, but works great anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are four different areas, Central, North, South East and South West, which you can load or return to default anytime you want.

I suggest you have a go at VFR flying down under, there is so much to see that you will never run out of short hops. The package even includes 50 set up flights for you to choose from as well, so you are spoilt for choice 😂

Visit the website to download version 1.1 (1.2 is optional afterwards) at

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Insight Chief Captain

Attach the children's cots by string to either side of your PC swivel chair, whilst playing wiggle the seat left and right thus rocking the cots ...

you could play for hours 😀

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Micah Captain

cheers guys, sounds good.

There is one plane by the way that is awesome and one of the nicest to fly. Embraer Eclipse 170 - superb.

Cheeky, does that package have much effect on uk scenery etc?

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

hey man,nice to see you back here!!I was wondering what was going on.
You can teach them hwo to fly on the flightsim while you are flying and explain things.You get longer sessions. 😉 😀 😂

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ceetee Chief Captain

Cheeky, does that package have much effect on uk scenery etc?

Yes, once you install the textures, they temporarly replace the textures all over the world (including brilliant new water textures) but at a click or a button you can remove/add them again any time you want.

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mcmxl Trainee

Thats not a common name. I didn't think I had used it as my screen name. 😂 😂 Embarassed

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