i need the default water textures

Hawk_345 Guest

i did not backup the original files and now big clear rectabgles come up when waves hit the shore, im guessing that to fix this i need the original textures, could some1 give me a way/link to get the originals back. I think i pit too many diferent scenery upgrades to the water texture they cause this.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

According to this link the textures are on disk #2, pick the file (folder) off.



Hawk_345 Guest

yes, the textures are on disk 2 and i am able to take them and put them back into the game, butall i want are the water textures and im not sure what each of those are so i cant just overight all texxtures because i have other textures in there that work great, some files that i downlaod come with the default textures with them, maybe i could download some water teture file with the default 1s with it.

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