System still reboots when running FS 2004

john lund Guest

I now have 1Gb Ram and a 6600LE graphics card and my computer still reboots itself and microsoft say its a driver error but gives no other specific details. I have even formatted my hard drive and i am running the bare minimum on my sysytem.

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meylan Guest

hi john ,like i said before my ram is very low and i was having this problem i havnt got round to getting any ram as yet but it doesnt reboot itself any more it could be anyone or all the things i last did.

reinstalled graphics drivers

reinstalled fs9

didnt bother to reinstall update because my version is allready 9.1

increased the virtual memory that programes can use from the hard drive (i think this is abit like ram)

and finally installed that autostart programme that shuts down all programmes in the back ground.i think the link to this is on your other thread , although i think it was ok before i did this .

youve probably done most of these and alot more but these seem to have done the trick for me . hope you get it sorted

john lund Guest

No i haven't tried two of mentioned actons they are increase virtual memory, how do you do that and the other is autostart programme where can i download that from?

meylan Guest

ok ive just read that this virtual memory may not do anything at all to fs9 but give it ago any way .
start menu right click my computer ,click properties,click the advanced tab , in the performance box click setting and then click the advanced tab .in the virtual memory box click change and change to your desired amount .i changed mine from 288mb to 500mb .

heres the link to the auto start program it s a different place than where i got mine from but i think its the same 🙂

john lund Guest

My virtual Memory was preset between 768mb to 1568 mb anyway and yes i tried the teek software. What about processor performace and health how can i test that to extream.

meylan Guest

im sorry john im a bit of a pc novice , im sure sombody will have the answer though . just a thought i had to install a driver so my graphics card was compatible with my chipsets (sis) AGP GART.

john lund Guest

what AGP do you have


if you mean what graphics card its a ati radeon 9800 pro .

john lund Guest

ok completely different. Well now things have changed flight sim crashes reloads, system does not reboot, and MS dr watson runs but does not activate the internet crash detection page.

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