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NDB for helicopters

Rich T Guest

Can anyone explain to me how to use NDB in a helicopter to navigate.

I tried putting in the Mhz frequnecy in the ADF, turned it on, but couldn't see anything on any of the displays to show me where to go?


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You may try putting the frequency in NAV 1 or 2.

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Only the Bell 206 Jet ranger has a ADF indicator, the Ryan R22 doesn't. On the Bell, the ADF indicator is located on the lower-center of instrument panel. The effective range of most NDB's is quite short, 15-25 nm for most with some 50 nm. A few to 75 nm. Choose a close one. 🙂

NDB Service Volumes Class Distance (Radius)

Compass Locator
15 NM

25 NM

50 NM*

75 NM

* Service ranges of individual facilities may be less than 50 nautical miles (NM). Restrictions to service volumes are first published as a Notice to Airmen and then with the alphabetical listing of the NAVAID in the A/FD.


I am using the AS 365 Dauphin Fast helicopter. there seems to be only one place where I can enter the frequency.

I did hear the bleeping tone which indicated it had picked up the frequency, but still did not see any indication as to where to go. There is a small electronic display with 4 triangles placed at 90 degrees from each other. I thought this was indicating where to go, but when the right triangle lit up and I turned right, I went around 360 degrees without it changing.

Could it just be the helicoptet I am using?


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