how do you use the jetways


In flight sim 2004 there are jetways, but I dont know how to use them. Does anybody know how to make them move or connect to my airplane to let passangers on or off??????

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I don't believe they can move. I think the jetways are there for asthetic pleasure only.

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😞 I've not seen any default jetways move in fs9 sorry to say(it seems to be on everyones wish list for fs10)
Some add on scenery has them Umm... Breman in Germany and I think Tenerife South are two to search for
There are probably many others.......Here's a link for the German one ➡

Note the comment about your pc needing some beef,if you have its very good

Most scenery for fs2002 works in fs9 and a lot had dynamic scenery so if you cant find what you are looking for in fs9 try fs8
Your best bet is to trawl through the files at Flightsim

Let us know how you get on and if you find any


thank you tomthetank I have downloaded the bremen scenery but I can not use it in flight simulator. When i choose my location I click the "seach scenery add on" but it is not there. Any help?

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😕 Hmm sometimes my add on scenery will not show in the search mode of goto airport but if I go direct,its there
Try it by creating a flight from the main screen (select active runway at Breman then taxi to the gate)

There's a large read me file in PDF format which will give you all the radio frequencies required for the fuel truck and bus to come and service the aircraft

Have a read and try starting a flight from there

Come back if its still not working

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