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Around the World in a CRJ-900! Leg 7.5!

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Took off from Reykjavik early in the morning...I wanted to show off how far North the island was. Check out where the sun is!

The departure was uneventful, beautiful weather, with minor turbulence. Crossing FL31 for FL33 I noticed the Northern Lights...mine seem to be broken, they used to be more beautiful. I heard a terrible noise from the back of the plane, started listening really close, but the sound stopped. I checked the guages, looked alright, waited a minute or so, then another guage sweep showed the right tank PUMPING fuel overboard! I think I got struck by lightning, fortunately no fire, and I was only 135 miles from Reykjavik, which was the closest airport with a repair facility.

So I turned her around, then decided that Keflavik, about fifteen miles farther, would be better, since it has American Navy personnel stationed there, and figured I'd be welcomed better, and maybe one of them would know something about Bombardier aircraft.

Landed without incident, the weather was terrible, but everyone ended up fine, ended up buying a LOT of fuel, the flight of about 300 miles ended up costing ME $305,000, not counting a new fuel bladder...that makes me sad.

Cool Halogen Landing/Taxi Lights:

As dark as it gets in Iceland around the Summer Solstice:

Milky Way? Or crazy cloud formation?

Aurora Borealis:

Check out the right fuel tank... Sad

Naval Air Station Keflavik...a sight for sore eyes:

Almost IFR

Safe on the Navy Station

So Sad.

I'd love to be having Scotch in Inverness right about now...

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Very nice night textures Exclamation Wink

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Nice shots Thumbs Up!

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Great screenies Thumbs Up!

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Thanks for continuing to follow along.

I am currently flying in places I've previously visited or at least know something about, pretty soon I'll be getting out of that comfort zone when I leave Rome for Cairo!

I kinda overflew Inverness tonight because I was in the onboard shower and didn't realize how close I was to the takes a long time to decend from FL33 when circling!

Keflavik Traffic:

I'm pretty sure this is the island that William Golding wrote about in "The Pincher Martin"

Lava Flows and Ice Caps on Iceland

Decending from FL33 OVER my destination. Loch Ness in the background.

The Scottish Highlands

If you look out the right can see Loch Ness...again...this is over Fort Augustus, where the Calendonian Canal is the most beautiful, in my opinion. You can also get "Nessie Beer" here, it's terrible.

Looking for Nessie:

Can't find her

The A82, the most scenic road in Europe...goes alongside Loch Ness, then through Fort William, through Glen Coe, and finally along side Loch Lomond.

In real life, this is the home to Castle Urquhart, an excellent example of a Scottish Castle, and on the edge of Loch Ness. The smudge on the bottom right on the shore MIGHT be it... Sad

The River Ness

Inverness has some of the most beautiful bridges, cathedrals, and castle in Scotland...they are not pictured here.

To Inverness and Beyond!

I'll have a glass of Scotch please...make it a double...

Tomorrow...London! Shocked

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Thank you for letting us enjoy this adventure with you!


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Awesome... I used to live on the base in Keflavik ('91-'98 ) and there never was much air traffic except for fighter jets. I saw Iceland scenery on simviation, which I haven't tried yet, but hopefully it gets rid of the trees. Trust me, there are VERY few trees on that island... mostly brown, mossy rock fields.

Heres a shot of the base, the Keflavik airport is just north of the airfield:,-22.59038&spn=0.016758,0.053988

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ryane wrote:

Awesome... I used to live on the base in Keflavik ('91-'98 ) and there never was much air traffic except for fighter jets. I saw Iceland scenery on simviation, which I haven't tried yet, but hopefully it gets rid of the trees. Trust me, there are VERY few trees on that island... mostly brown, mossy rock fields.

Heres a shot of the base, the Keflavik airport is just north of the airfield:,-22.59038&spn=0.016758,0.053988

Very Cool, I would have liked to have been stationed on Iceland, it's interesting about the trees, I didn't know that! Someday I'd like to go there to climb Mt. Sneffels, and I heard the hot springs are awesome.

Here is the latest flight, nothing too special on this one except for the landing...Winds were 14 knots gusting to 21, directly perpendicular to the runway...I should have just gone to Stansted or Gatwick...but I'd already gone through all of the trouble of getting clearance to London can't imagine the red-tape required to overfly London's monuments. I'm lucky I didn't destroy the tail on the landing, I waved off the first time due to a throttle problem...for some reason the right engine got disconnected from the joystick...I had to reengage auto-pilot, then take throttles to full, then idle, then they linked back up...I'm not sure what happened. I was wondering why I couldn't get the speed below 150 knots though! Whilst in London, I recommend drinking at Cheers in Picadilly's setup just like the one in Boston, except everyone speaks Queens' English, well, one of the Bartenders was a Kiwi!

19 pictures to follow...
Inverness traffic...I was supposed to taxi the whole length of the runway and take-off the same way as the Caravan...but decided that I could handle a little cross/tail-wind, and fortunately didn't hit any inbound airplanes. Smile

Ben Nevis, directly below me at 4406 feet, is the highest mountain on Great Britain, the other mountains have various names, but were classified by Monroe, and therefore are often referred to as "The Monroes":

Over Stirling:

In Scotland you have the Highlands
And you ave the Lowlands
And Stirling is the Brooch That Holds Them Together

He who holds Stirling,
Controls Scotland

The River Forth...just to the right of the picture(left of the nose from the pilots view) is where the Battle of Stirling Bridge was fought, William Wallace's first great victory:

The Forth Bridge from a different angle than you usually see it(in the screenshots gallery, everyone seems to always want to fly under it)

The Firth of Forth (another word for Firth is Bay). Edinburgh looks like it's getting wet!:

Hadrians Wall spans the island from Carlisle to New Castle and seperates Roman England from Pict Scotland:

The Lake District, Ulswater is the second lake behind the tail:

As per Scottish tradition, I am now mooning you:

Decent into London, Parliment, the Tower of Big Ben, The London Eye, Nelsons Column, Westminster Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, and I think London Bridge are visible, missing is Waterloo station and Victoria station:

Buckingham Palace:

Westminster Abbey to the right of Big Ben:

St. Pauls Cathedral:

St. Pauls, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge...and some bridges who's name I don't know. The KFC at the Tower of London is in an old Underground Pub, it's the coolest KFC in the world, and it serves Beer. It is where the lone tree is between the Castle and the River Thames:

Low and Slow...not the place to be to catch a huge wind gust! Greenwich in the background, home of the Royal Naval Observatory where Greenwich mean time is kept via atomic clock. Also in Greenwich, the greatest English/Mexican Restaurant on the planet...they also serve Beer.

Approach to London City Airport, the Glideslope is high to account for the SMOKE STACKS. Below the aircraft is barely visible the crucifix atop St. Pauls Cathedral. A stone tablet has been placed on the floor of St Paul's thanking God for sparing the church during World War II. The Tower Bridge was also spared, German pilots at the end of the war said they gave sactuary to the monuments not because of their historical significance, but because they were great landmarks to use to find other targets.

In the picture above, I am in the Western Hemisphere.

In the picture below, I am in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Watch the tail! Watch The Tail! WATCH THE TAIL!

A little off center, but at least not in the docks!

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Very nicely done Thumbs Up!

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Thumbs Up!

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