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wizzsim Guest

Hello everyone,


We are the owners of the brand new FSGB server (Flight Simulator Great Britain) and we welcome any players to join us.
We have got everything set up finally, and all settings are now correct (after spending alot of money ).
Anyone who has Microsoft Flight Simulator and teamspeak are welcome to join us on ip: FSGB.HOPTO.ORG where you can chat to our friendly players who already span as far away as Canada.
We have real pilots, Air Traffic Controllers who are more than happy to control you to your destination, all the way!
Please visit us at FSGB.HOPTO.ORG
All we need now are the players, or should i say you! Bring your friends with you, so long as they are flight simmers also 😀

See you all soon,

OHY121 (R CA SA for FSGB)
EASY 551 (R CA SA and Air Traffic Instructor for FSGB)

N185VM Guest

The server is bad got no players all miss use the server no one plays there and i was there u cant even move they romve you rights and vandalize you , keep in mind the server goes down and has bad reputation even it was going to be hacked by the g00ns 😕


N185VM the reason why we are offline is because you are a member of goonz and your the one that hacked us. second of all the reason why you can not move around is because you have to be registered with us by a sa. thered of all N185VM or should i say rapby you are banned on our server this is why you can not get on not just that almost every server in the world your banned on fstg, southwest, pjfc, fsgb should i go on. 😛 and we have now been voted one of the best servers in the uk for relyability. we are no 16th in fs worldwidetopsites.

EASY551 Guest

Rapby, just GET LOST!!!

Everyone, just to let all of you know, this guy used to have server admin on our server but was abusing the rights and was bringing a bad name on our server. He hacked other servers whilst he used our server as a little 'escape', that is the reason for all of this. He hacked our server and is trying to get a bad reputation for FSGB, even though the server is not down, it is always up, we have players, and Rapby (or his real name which is Mickael) from Sweden didnt get his way so he maliciously tried to bring our server down, and unfortunately was able to once, but now we have very good security settings installed so Rapby, if you want to mess, BRING IT ON!

Everyone else is quite welcome to join us on Teamspeak. their website is just download the client version, and sign on with the IP address FSGB.HOPTO.ORG

See you there,

Easy 551 (R CA SA)

GBA5 Guest

Rapby is an idiot! Everyone, dont trust him, he is ad news, and dont believe what he says. I like this server that im on here, and it has good players who are all really nice.

EASY551 Guest

Thanks GBA5 😀


Surprised The server has recently been upgraded, 😀 and now is running on a 2.1GHz AMD Athlon XP2100+ and runs at the equivilent of a 2.1GHz (which is fast for a server, as my work place server whick operates many work stations is only a 533MHz) and is one of the fastest 24/7 UK Servers and is now the most reliable for uptime in the UK. 😛
Any questions, just use the forum here.

EASY551 (R CA SA) 😀

OHY121 Guest

We have also asked FSHost is we can be a beta tester for the FSX multiplayer. This will mean we will be the first server to be compatible with the FSX multiplayer, so we are the ones to be with 😉

OHY121 (R CA SA)

OHY121 Guest


Get this, tried to log onto FSTopgun and its been down for ages. Went to the website and it says the server is down due to power outage 😕 How can this be??? How were they able to post the reason for the server being offline onto the website if they have no power??? 😕

EASY551 Guest

Twisted Evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLAMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twisted Evil

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