Newcomer and I can't get the approach

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I'm all new to flying but do quite well except when it comes to my approach, I tune to the correct ILS freq but for some reason the computer always just wants to circle the airport and not align for landing. I'm sure I am not doing something right. Also can someone explain the function and useage of the course setting. Thanks Matt

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😀 Its easy...........once you know how.

Try this ➡

Its mainly for fs8, but it will help

Have a Read of that and you will soon be ok

Enjoy 😀

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See how much of a help this is to you, if you need more please ask.

What would be better tan these are the lessons that you can take in the sim itself.


Sorry TTT, I din't see you beat me to this subject. Embarassed

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😀 Im not here normally this late(UK) :tongue😞no work tomorrow 👍 )

All that matters is we help someone get a little bit more enjoyment out of fs

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Best resource I've found for explaining all the ins and outs of aeronautical navigation:

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Try hand flying the approach. I always do. It's good practice, and mandatory if you want an IFR rating on your ticket. You will find with practice you can do a better job than the autopilot. Plus with a 737 you will understand the dynamics of the approach in great detail as I do. On standard ILS app. to maintain glideslope, my initial descent is on the order of 1400fpm, on short final it's down to 650 to 700 fpm. The reason being that on initial intercept of glideslope I'm doing 250kts. indicated, by the time I am on short final, I'm down to 140-150 kts. Try it. it's a good learning experience.

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