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I'm sure you have heard me mention before that a local airline from my area, Great Barrier Airlines, own the only Britten Norman Tri-Islander in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, as I am typing this post, I can hear one buzzing above my house right this minute!

Well I have eventually downloaded a flightsim version of it, and took it out for a spin this week- flying it on its real life route from NZOX to NZAA.

(9 images totalling 1.06mb to follow)

1. Liftoff from NZOX

2. Climbing away from The Barrier

3. Crusing over a misty Hauraki Gulf

4. Crossing the tip of Waiheke Island

5. Flying parrallel to the mainland

6. Eventually arriving over Auckland City

7. Just above Mt Wellington Quarry

8. Low over the newly opened Slyvia Park- the countrys largest shopping centre

10. Following the motaray above Otara on the way to NZAA

Thats all, I hope you enjoyed my pictures displaying one of the weirdest shaped aircrafts around 😉

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That has always fascinated me, the shape of that aircraft is so unusual. I've never found a decent download of it, this one looks very good because of your selection of screenshots.
I wonder if there is a pay one out there.
Nice job again today keep on!


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the same as above. cool plane - but is that a goody and not just your shot skill?

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Thanks RM and Hinch.

Yes I do like the model, you can get it off AVSIM here as part of an Great Barrier Island scenery and AI package.

The Tri-Islander AI model included is 100% flyable, and can also be downloaded seperatly off Marcel Kuhnt's website ( as a non AI-craft. It even comes with its own panel.

I had to tweak the aircraft.cfg to add autopilot, and swapped the .air file around with AC560 like I did for Marcel Kuhnt's normal BN2 Islander, but apart from that it is very nice to fly.

The only visual problem I have is that whenever you change views, the return to the spot view, the textures go all blurry and you have to zoom all the way in, then out again to fix them. I think this is related to the DXT3 format or something, I remember you explaining it to me a while back Hinch, when you helped me paint my C206 VOZ Tourer...

Oh yeah, I just remembered this:

I saw the real ZK-LGR at Auckland Airport today and thought I would post it in this thread 😉

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Very nice. Me and pilotwannabe will be starting one of them in a bit.

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Very nice pics CT ❗ ❗ 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Great shots! 👍

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👍 👍 👍 ❗ ❗ ❗

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) Captain

nice screenshots, ugly aircraft lol

....sorry, nothing against your screenies, but i have never cared for the appearance of this aircraft Yucky

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