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i have a big problem with ILS approaches i know its stupid but the tutorial wont tell me. how do i set up the ils approach it keeps saying on the radio before i land that im flying an ils but non of the indicators come up what do i do in the tutorial it already is in ILS when you turn it in HELP HELP HELP Embarassed

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I think that this link will be of some Help!

Good landings 👍


snake670 Guest

thank you

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👍 Our pleasure, just enjoy the flight.


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This is all very interisting to read. All of you are having a lot of fun. It is great!!!! I love this crazy sim!!!

emergency ILS=:

1- Go straight for the middle of the airport by tracking an on field VOR or ADF.
2- As soon as you think you should, begin your outbound turn from the middle of the field by tracking the vor or LOC outbound. (if the navaid is on or near the middle of the field.) ( the outbound turn ='s the opposite direction of the runway, ILS runway, you intend to land on).
3- Go down to 2000 AGL and go out to 10 NM's.
4- Dial in the ILS freq. and ID it.
5- turn the course indicator to the runway, ILS, heading.
6- At 10 miles, turn left about 45 degrees and go out for 1 minute.
7- Then, make a right turn 180 degrees and fly until you intercept the localizer. Engage nav mode if you want.


That is the survival way to do it. If there is markers, LOM, LMM etc., Even better.

If there is no navaid on the field. Use one that is as close by as you can get it and do the math.

The autopilot behaves very similar to the real thing. If you try and have the AP capture the course when the performance capability of the mechanism is,,, well, it will flail all over the place.

Any Q's you can ask me.

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Set up your ILS frequency a ways out from the arpt, like 20 miles or so. Try to set up your arrival so you are no more than 90deg off of rnwy direction. At 20 miles out you should intercept the glide slope at about 5000-6000' agl. By that time, you should be lined up with the rnwy you wish to land on.

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Some simple pointers Snake:-

- Make sure the Radio's tuned and you're getting the morse code signal.

- Make sure your "Course" knob / display is set on the Heading of the Runway/ (Ie... Runway 7, may have a Heading of 69 degrees) - set the course or OBS knob to this, otherwise your VOR / ILS stuff will be facing the wrong way which doesn't help.

- Are you sure you're facing the runway and are within 18 n/miles of it ? Use GPS display to make sure you are where you think you are .

- If you're using AutPilot for the ILS approach, make sure the GPS/NAV switch is set to NAV.

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