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Hey guys, just joined wanted to say hello. Knowing the time and effort to create these addons and keep a site going, I have no problem with the relatively low membership price!!

Does anyone know where I can download a good Pilatus PC-12 aircraft for fs2004??

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Howdy, welcome to the club. If you need advice you will get lots of help here. There are a lot of sim whizzes and computer geniuses, and some real FAA certified pilots, myself included. As for the Pilatus, if you find it, let me in on it. Good luck. Leadfoot.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Welcome 'BStewart' - 👏

There's a couple at
Go into the 'file library' key 'pilatus' into the 'search' facility and you'll get to them - you might have to register (free) - hope they are what you want. 🍻

Tried to download the above without success - possible server troubles/busy. Crying or Very sad
.... but found another one at
about 8 down - no sign in
-it's a beaut in FS Flying Club livery - file is 2.9 Mb - and downloaded it and flies well 😀
Tip ...Dont copy/paste the pc12_flyingclub folder but the pc12fsfc folder or it wont regester in fs9
Good Luck

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 Welcome, settle in and enjoy yourself! Pay 2002, try it?

I found quite a few at but all were 2002, they'll probably work especially if they're GMAX.


SeidericGuest Guest

Hello All!! A new member here too, found you looking for the PC-12.

I have been looking for the PC-12 for 3 days thanks for the link! I just down loaded it from and unzipped it.

A file called: PC12_flightclub was made and in this file there are only 3 files and 1 read me. The read me is all geared to FS2002, So I have two concerns: is this ok for FS2004? And that there are only three files:


and not 5 files the Sticky at the begaining of the form says there should be.... I would have deleated the PC12 but Davec said he downloaded it and flew the craft... so where did I mess up...??

Also good info on the PC-12:
And Check out the PC-21 Jet trainer!!

Drool! If anyone find the PC-21 for FS2004 Please link it!!

Thanks for your help.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Welcome BStewart ❗ Enjor your staying here, and have fun.
Also, I'd like to welcome Seideric ❗

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The one you downloaded from looks like it should work in 2004. The file is complete.

This is for 2002 but should work in 2004.

Of course pay-ware.

PC-21 2002, try it and see if it works, it should.
5th down

6th down

Let us know how they do for you.


SeidericGuest Guest

Thanks for the welcome! Agus0404

RadarMan, your right the PC-12 worked! Slipped right in, but the PC-21 Crashed and Burned! Downloaded the PC-21 from

and tried to install it. I get the Pic of the PC-21 in the select airplane menu but when I hit the Fly Now, FS2004 Crashes to desk top.

I put in FS98 under aircraft, the folder PC-21. In that folder is:


And the Gauges in to the Sim Gauge folder.

Now that I am typing this I remember that the read me said that the Texture would be alright here or in the Sim Texture. I will try moving it just to see. If it works I will post the success.

I am trying to download the PC-21 from

Thanks for help RadarMan.

As always under the hood.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The one at fsplanet (hard place to download from) is also at I checked and it's easier to get a time there.


Seideric Guest

Thank you, RadarMan!

Crash crews are going to remove the old PC-21 then I will try to get the new one out of the hangar! I hope it has better luck than the first.

Also I found a new P-12 differnt paint, config, and I think differnt gauges from the one I have now.

I think I know how to get them both into the same hangar, but you might hear me squaking tomorow about it.

Thanks again for your help!


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Seideric Trainee


I did finely find it at it took me awhile to figure out the site.

The P-21 is the same one as from

although the files are a little bit smaller in size. As with the other I can not get it out of the hanger.

Still trying and if I can not get one to work I guess I may have to learn how to build one. I may get it done a year after I start.

But for now still looking for a way to get the shy PC-21 out of the hanger, or one less shy.

Thank you for your help!


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RadarMan Chief Captain

I downloaded PC-21 from Flightsim and flew it as you see. I didn't put the gauges in I thought that perhaps that was your problem.
Excited about this version of the aircraft, not really, a very poor paint job but it did handle very well.

What video card do you have and which drivers are you using.


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Seideric Trainee


It worked just like you said, I cut the gauges out and she left the barn door. I am thinking that I may try to put one gauge back at a time to see what guage is causing the havok. Thanks for your help!!!

It was fun to fligh at night (my first night flight) and without gauges! Took off from Seatac and went to KAWO which I do not know how it got its letters but it is funny... KAWO was a small municipal airport surounded by farms up until the end of the 80s when the the farms started to die off =(

Anyway KAWO - Cow. Not too long ago KAWO got another runway, Grass I think, will have to look. It has had fly-ins for some time now. My house is under the approch path, about 7 miles from the airport which is far enough away most the time to be quiet at least untill they start flying in the old cargo planes, old bombers or when a Squadron forms up. At which time Car alarms start going off.

I wish that there was a pilot that as flown the PC-21 that could comment on how accurate the ride is.

The Vid Card I use is the Asus TI 4400 Geforce 4, the drivers are not too old about a year or so... my OS is win98s2. Unless Bill Gates takes my wife on a shopping spree, my wife will not upgrade her comp to XP pro. And I do not want to mess with having two differnt OSs on the same LAN.

Again thanks for the help RadarMan!


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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's worth the time and trouble to play with the gauges the way you are.
Basically you could always use the "S and W" key gauges or check "Shift + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6," and see if any of your other gauges will show up.


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Seideric Trainee

RadarMan, I do not know what you mean by S & W Guages... But I will try the shift. 1, 2, etc.

FYI I know the KAWO did not get its name from being in a Cow field. I just thought that it was funny that it was in a pasture, at least it was surrounded to the south by them 20 years ago.

Oh, KAWO now has three runways and one is grass. It is strange to see an airport grow up.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm going to have to try that KAWO of yours, you now have me very curious about it.
If you are flying (spot view not in the aircraft) you can press the "S and W" keys and the default (MS) gauges will come up.
Here are some key commands.

You should download this, I did early on and it's been of great help. Print out about 3 pages.
Keyboard commands. 4th from the bottom.


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Seideric Trainee

Great thanks I will!


I went through the guages and got some working, and set aside the ones that crashed FS2004. But now FS2004 crashes apon escaping the flight.

10 of the guages caused the PC-21 to crash. But I think I am done with her for a time... I want to fly!

Not having seen the specs of the PC-21 I do not know what weight she is able to carry. But FS2004 has her 16lbs over weight with 2 200lb people, and full fuel. I do not know about you but at 40 none of my buddies weigh 200 lbs anymore. lol

My basic training round trip is KAWO to KPAE doing Touch and Go s and learning a bit about the Nav system as I go. I need to figure out how to navigate on the ground too LOL I am tired of parking in the grass. I am relying too much on the GPS and need to work on the VOR more. Then the rest lol.

I will get the pages down loaded and put to hard copy.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

I wouild give up on it also.

I took a FokkerFVII from KAWO to KNUW using GPS since I didn't know that area of Washington.
There were nice aircraft at the cow but when I saw how empty KNUW was I figured I was heading for a military base.
I saw a dead cow (roadkill) on the runway but it wasn't a problem, the catering truck got there in time to pick it up.
Nice area nice flight.


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Seideric Trainee

KNUW is the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Watch the guys when they fill up your tanks we had a pilot loose fuel in his wing right tank. He did not notice untill his trim was all the way over. The pilot had to land in KC because the would not let him drop his tanks to correct his trim. He got stuck in KC for a few days due to a Snow storm. He was headed to the East Coast.

Yeah if the catering truck takes too long we have to get out there with shovels to pick up the ground beef.

The moutains are cool to fly along, I can't wait for the Pacific North West addition from MegaScenery the last I heard it will be out in October. You have to watch the elevation of the trees they start growing and/or flying!! My first night flight I noticed a Tree passing my wing going the other direction and I was at 1200 feet. He did not even have his Nav lights on!!

Glad you liked my home base! you should have squawked I would have bought you a beer!

About the PC-21, I e-mailed the guy who made it asking if he had an update for FS2004.

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