Flight Simulator 2004 and Windows Vista Beta

dvorak Guest

Does Flight Simulator 2004 work on Windows Vista Beta?

I would like to know before I go and install Vista

If it doesnt run it I wont install the Beta (thats how much fs means to me lol)


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RadarMan Chief Captain

It should, I know of older programs that are running on it.
I doubt that you will se any difference but never forget, you are running a piece of beta software, anything can and will go wrong.
They do suggest that you do not use it on your main computer and if you do have a standby machine to use. Good luck and let us know how you do.


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kianok First Officer

I fact very best of luck.

The chance of it running smoothly AND reliably with a beta version are pretty slim
if you have a machine that is exactly the same spec as the MS programmers are using you may have half a chance.

dvorak Guest

Well my machine specs are well over the recommended for Flight Simulator 2004

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