Approach: either good or terrible!

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Having recently discovered the approach button can give me good landings with glide and direction, I have enjoyed near perfect landings with several aircraft.

However, some aircraft seem to drift left and right but can't quite seem to find the centre, and sometimes pitching up and then nose diving into the runway.

Every approach is made coming in below the glide scope, and usually picking ip the approach 15-20 miles out, which should give the aircraft enough time to align itself.

Why is it then that sometimes the landings are bloody awful?

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I'm about to say something that will make you feel better Wink

As long as you have the ILS frequency tuned, ensured that the runway is CATIII then its not your fault

FS is so limited its crap lol

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The normal ILS system(CAT I) is not designed to LAND the aircraft. It is only used to a minimum altitude of 200 feet above the ground (AGL), you still have to land the aircraft yourself. There are aircraft that are equipped with auto-land(none of the default aircraft come with this feature), you would have to download and install this option from the Internet. In the real world, auto-land can only be used on some ILS runways(CAT III) and only by aircraft that are certified for this operation. Flight crew must also be specially trained for auto-land operations. The approach button is for just that- approach, not landing.🙂


Oh well, I will just have to continue with my dodgey landings then.

I'm still convinced it's easier in real life with a co-pilot!!! LOL

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