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Can anyone please give me detailed step by step instructions on how to perform an ILS landing with the autopilot? I can usually use the GPS to line the plane up, but sometimes that doesnt even work, apparently i also have to have my nav radios tuned to something and that doesnt seem to work either. Someone please help teach me how to make a proffessional landing.

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😀 Hello
The easy way is to click the map icon on the panel,then zoom in on your destination airport and click on it.You should now be given the airport detailsClick airport (for airports with ILS or click NDB for non ILS) and you will be give a set or list of frequencies.
Pick your runway (atc will have given you this when you asked to land,or check knee board)and enter into the right hand side of the radio stack(3rd one down) then click the switch in the middle to select that freq.You should now get a megeata bar on your display and (if you are close enough)a hight indicator.

Now select the ILS on the panel and set heading towards the magenta bars
Auto pilot will now engage as you intersect the beam(careful here,make sure you have the magenta hight indicator showing or you will will fall short)

If the hight marker is not showing change heading to that as shown by the magenta bars and switch to a/p when hight indicator shows
If you are above you need to loose hight fairly quickly(beter to intersct below then as you near the airport you will go through the hight)

Sorry I seem to have gone on a bit there,but have a try

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YOU ARE THE MAN!!! What a relief! I really appreciate the help Tom. Any way I could get you to give me another set of instruction that good that tell me what to do for landing runways without ILS?

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ANyone know how to make NDB and VOR Landings? Step by step as above?

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😀 I did that lot after a couple of glasses of falling down water Blink
A non ILS airport is much the same as above except it will have a direction beacon(not all.....but most) and the tricky part is controling your rate of desent as there is no indicator
Practice on a few ILS landings and disconect the a/pilot at differant hight and distance as you get better
Most airports have the PAPI lighting system(the 4 red or white lights you see on approach)To use these as an aid you need to see 2 red and 2 white to show you that you are at the correct desent rate
Most pilots disengage a/p at about 1000ft and fly in by hand

Radar man has listed a few pages of tutorials here ➡

Remember practice makes perfect(or at least untill the screaming stops ROFL )

Keep at it and good luck

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So whats the direction beacon?? Lets say im in the seattle area and I want to land at Fall City (1WA6). It doesnt have and ILS or any other type of help. How would i use instruments to land there?? Your previous instructions say to click on NDB if its not an ILS airport/approach, but i havent seen this option yet. Any help?

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ROFL I was talking about airports,not fields
This is where you should learn to walk before you start to run

Try the lessons in fs9 (only know of two who have past the test.....and Im not one of them)

There are ways of locating airfields in fs9 using the radio, but thats way over my head

Besides how would I get a 747 down there Fear

The posts by :radar:man should help and its linked above

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Try handflying the ILS, you'll like it.

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