How to get FS Expansions?

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You can easily get products for Flight Simulator by using eMule and other friendly P2P programs.

I think there is a special deal going can get 20 addonns for under £0.01.

It is a great deal! A bargain not too be missed.

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hinch Chief Captain

yes but that's illegal Wink

p2p is only legal if the files are freeware anyway.

HelloWorld Guest

Really? Oh...

I heard that P2P was "100% legal"?

But then I've heard about Napster going down....

Sorry. I didn't realise. I thought it was ok to share files even if they were payware since nobody makes a profit out of it. :-S


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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

Sharing payware products is definitely illegal because the people who you share it with are saving money by downloading it off people who already have it. Basically the producer of that software/movie/game is earning less so therefore it has to be illegal. Since this occurs on such a large scale, it's taken very little into concern and people, who happen to sometimes get caught, are sued to scare off those downloading illegal stuff.

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

P2P programes are 100% legal but downloading copyright materail is agaist the law.

So basicly the answer to your question is NO

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