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1) How do I set my altimeter and what exactly is it setting? My altimeters tend to be incorrect and it screws up my landings. I know how to get the altimeter reading from the local airport and I turn the little know under the altimter to set that number to what the airport says, but what exactly does that do?

2) I paid my $5 to this site to get membership privileges, and got the automated email that says my membership/registration will be activated in 48 hours. It's been longer than 48 hours and no email. And my login doesn't work. Any advice?

3) What does the spoiler do on a Lear Jet?

Thanks! I'm trying to learn all this and could benefit from any help whatsoever....

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By setting the altimeter you adjust for the variations in barometric pressure from one location to another. Since the setting dial is rather hard to read on the sim, just press 'B' on the keyboard and it will be set correctly. The spoilers on the learjet serve three functions, 1. to slow down if you overspeed the plane. 2. to allow you descend at at a rapid rate without overspeeding. 3. to help slow down after landing------ reduces runway length required for landing. You will notice that all the big jets have spoilers,, 737,777,etc. I set them to auto-deploy at touchdown along with thrust reverse on rollout after landing.

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