You Know you're a Flight Simmer if...

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You know you're a Flight Simmer if...

-You get on a commercial airliner and ask the crew where the joysticks are.

-You buy airline tickets for a transcontinental flight and expect to be home by bedtime.

-You ask an airline whether it uses FS2004 or X-Plane.

-You ask a fixed base operator what sceneries it has.

-You're on your way to the Caribbean while your family thinks you're defragging the computer.

-You go to the emergency room to have the joystick removed from your fingers.

-You ask air traffic control where to download their scripts.

-You ask the fixed base operator if it has a book containing all the navaids around the world.

-You use a GPS device to find your way around Chicago O'Hare's passenger terminal.

-You ask the fixed base operator if it has a book containing all the instrument approach plates for North America and Europe.

-You ask an airplane dealer where to download custom instrument panels.

-You tell a certified flight instructor that you could fly his airplane if it had a keyboard.

-You offer an airline pilot your favorite engine-sound *.wav.

-You ask American Airlines to remove their logos from their airplanes.

-You ask a CFI how to get a screen shot.

-You ask an airline if it's FS98 compatible.

-You ask a travel agent if you can get flight-sim add-ons with your frequent flyer points.

-You ask a CFI how to get an exterior view.

-You think real airlines are modeled on virtual airlines.

-You ask a flight attendant how to change the views out your window.

-You tell the airline to increase their frame-refresh rate when they're behind schedule.

-You speak in acronyms: YMB an AFS if YCRT (You Might Be an Avid Flight Simmer if You Can Read This).

Murphy's Law of FS
No matter how much memory your computer has, it won't be enough for the latest flight-sim versions.

Your motherboard's memory chip capacity will be full when you need to upgrade for the latest flight-sim versions.

The aircraft you download from the internet will crash — your computer, that is.

If a navaid frequency in your flight-sim game is erroneous, it will be a navaid that you need to use.

The flight-sim manufacturer's patch will take all day to download but will not improve performance.

Q: How many flight simmers are needed to change a light bulb?
A: One to change the bulb and 99 to paint photo-realistic scenery on it.

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nice job!! lol 😂 ROFL 😎

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