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Localizer problems

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

now i dont usually fly IFR but ive recently been flying IFR but i cant seem to get established on the localizer does anyone have any tips?


Frontier Flight N5124 decent and maintain 9,000 turn left heading 060 untill established on the Localizer contact KBQN on 112.80.

how can i get established on the localizer??????

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Once you have that clearence, you need to follow ATCs orders and find the runway heading and it's ILS frequency.

Tune the ILS frequency into your NAV1 radio and the runway heading into the course selector box on the MCP. You then need to switch the NAV/GPS switch to NAV and then wait for the ILS indicator on the HSI to start moving and for the morse code identifier. At this point, you are established on the localiser and should report that to ATC. From then, follow the standard ILS approach procedure.


Don Wood Guest

If I understood 99jolegg's response, it is not correct. "Established on the localiser" has a precise meaning in IFR flight. The localiser is the electronic signal which establishes the approach track to a runway. Think of it as a highway in the sky leading to that runway. It is also the track portion of an ILS signal when an ILS is available.

Given the clearance stated in the original message, the course vector of 060 degrees will intercept the localizer path at some point. You should know, from looking at the IFR chart, what that course path will be. All you need do is set the localiser radio frequency in the NAV radio you will be using and whatever switch changes are necessary in the a/c you are flying to make the NAV radio primary. You then the 060 degree course until until the localiser needle begins to move. Once it begins to move, you then turn toward the correct heading for the localiser and make whatever adjustments in heading are necessary to center the needle. Once the needle is centered, you are established on the localiser and should make the necessary advisement as required by your clearance.

Don Wood Guest

I intended to also refer you to the "Approach Guides" sticky on this forum for a more thorough discussion of IFR approaches. Sorry I forgot to get that into the previous post.

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