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ejay31 Guest

Could somebody please tell me how long they had to wait before fly away simulation allowed them to log into their accounts

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AnnieWay Guest

I have been waiting for 4 days now they were quick to take my payment but I still have not received an activation code. 😞

ch10uk Guest

Ive been waiting a day now, still no sign of a code 😞

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sorry folks, but I have absolutely no control over that, I don't even know the person who does it.
Read this if you would and don't be afraid to send multiple e-mails, often.


ejay31 Guest

I've sent 2 e-mails today, still no reply. Did you say the person who controls the accounts lives in England in another post? Just wondering. I just hope the wait is worth it! (I'm sure it will) 😀

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 I know a few people have had to wait
Just keep emailing them in at the link provided by Radar man above
and they will sort it out for you Hack

Oops! Welcome 🍻

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Very sorry for the delay in user creation, we have had some database server problems and the site has not been updated for a few days - this includes news and any other things that are usually updated daily.

The problems have been fixed, and all pending accounts should now be activated. Please reply to this post if you are still unable to login or have still not recieved the confirmation e-mail by now.

dirkdiggler1 Guest

Does anyone besides me think that sending the emails over and over is not a good solution. If i told that to someone i work with, i would be fired! that is a Censored of an answer

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dirkdiggler1 wrote:

Does anyone besides me think that sending the emails over and over is not a good solution. If i told that to someone i work with, i would be fired! that is a Censored of an answer

If your going to spam the board I don't care if you get it. Act like an adult.

The conformation often goes into your junk or deleted folder and you never see it.
Write to them, give them all the information (e-mail address etc) and watch ALL of your folders.


dirkdiggler1 Guest

my god, i am not spamming the board. I said that was not a good solution. Look, I am an IT person, it is not in my junk mail. I have managed to reset my password at least 5 times, but being that my account itself is not active, I am not getting in. I have sent that group at least 5 emails. My point is, that this problem has been going on since last year according to some post and you yourself said they were having problems at that time.

Here is what I got:
Dear User,

Thank you for your payment. Your payment helps keep Fly Away alive! You now have full lifetime access to the regularly updated downloads section and any other section that requires a user account.

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You posted the same complaint twice within minutes of each other (I deleted one) and your language wasn't for the ladies and teens (some sub teens) that frequent this forum.

That said I'm very sorry that you are having so much trouble getting into this forum. As you see there are over 50, 000 people that did pay and get in .
I can only tell you to send a calm e-mail to them (Attention Flyaway) and fully explain your situation.
If you paid twice your credit card company will have Pay Pal credit your account.


jve Guest

Thanks I will do. I can tell you this, for the people that already have accounts and have all the functions it is alot easier saying to be calm and act like an adult then the ones that have paid and not been granted access.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Yes you are right jve but think that in past we all(members)have pass through this and we all were unpatient for being members and start downloads and post topics and lots more.

Try do this...Check more often if u can login without wait the replying mail.Maybe it has filtered as junk from your mail browser and you have never notice it .Thats excactly has happen to me but i was checking if i can login and after 2 or 3 days if i can remember well i suddenly get in.(of course you must remember your ID and P/W 😉 )

Be patient and it will works.


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