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Looking at a recent article, I found out a little about FSX I didn't know, and then a lot I did. Take a look.

Here are some highlights (the ones I didn't know/wasnt' sure on):

- Moving ships in shipping lanes
- Moving support vehicles at airports
- Air traffic control and copilot roles have been built into multiplayer
- Airline flights will feature a virtual copilot

Things I knew but are worth mentioning still:

- New aircraft include the de Havilland Canada Beaver, the Air Creations trike ultralight, and the Grumman Goose
- Dramatically improved worldwide scenery (duh)
- Scenery derived from satellite photography
- World scenery will include moving traffic (cars)

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

cool alot of useful info and preperation but now im getting impatient I WANT IT NOW! Twisted Evil

but even if i can get it i wont be able to play it with my crappy PC

hatescheese Guest

sounds awsome! just think, in 20 years from now, (if microsoft hasn't gone broke) they'lle have the world perfectly mapped out, and it will no longer be microsoft flight simulatior, but microsoft world simulator, with drivable cars, planes, boats, trains, just walking around and any new inventions that i don't know of.

Pilau Guest

I like the idea.
Imagine GTA where you could break into your foe's house and steal his PC or something 😛

wutever Guest

that'd be like a suped-up, glorified version of gta

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