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Anthony katosh Guest

Blue Sky Virtual is a new va, still in the works, we have a good site and host, we are know only waiting for the planes to come from the shop with there new coat of paint.

We are operating out of Our main base in Atlanta GA, along with Boston Logan Intl and San Fransico Intl.

Our Fleet will be, spread out between Boeings and Airbus for our jet fleet
and Dash-8 and BAE 125 for our reginal flights.

We offer alot of great servies such as Dispatch center, Flight Assignments for those who choose, and navagtional and flight aids.

We will take applications as of today for both staff and pilots apps, all pilots will be waived of the 30 day active rule intill the fleet is completed.

So if you would like to try somthing not new, but that will offer great 1 on 1 exspeance with BSV then please stop by an concider BSV your next career.

thank you for your time


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