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my searches on avsima nd flightsim have come to nothing. is there any airshow scenery about? even google has failed me 😞 just some grandstands with people - maybe some hoops and flames :p

if anyone has some let me know Wink

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I found somthin on a while back... still looking...

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Second one down.

But, I'm still not sure if that's the one I saw earlier.
On the other one I saw, I think there was rings and stands with people in it(this one might have rings and stands too, I havn't checked).... not sure though. I'll keep an eye out if i see anything else.

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if your willing to fork out £14.99 you can download raf faiford riat scenry pack just google search riat scenery


On FS2004 If you set the time to the oshkosh airshow in wisconsin and go to the airport there are hundreds of planes parked

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