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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

Hey people,

I was wondering if anyone here at FAS would like to spend their afternoon/morning/evening doing some M/P Smile

I don't think many of you actually do m/p but it really is a load of fun when it is taken seriously Wink

So if anyone is up for a flight/circuit/mini tour of a chosen area..then give me a buzz because I am always up for it Exclamation

You choose the location and I'll be there!

We can use FS Simcafe's IP Wink


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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

By doing this I hope to form a somewhat 'club' or group of flyers...for those who really enjoy M/P.

If interested in that...give me a buzz also and we can make this a constant/regular that I am in the summer holidays Exclamation

Very Happy

GT2006_(2lazy2login) Guest

Hey there..

Yeah im also on summer holidays, and I usually play around the morning after I get up. Or any other time for that matter. And I always play MP theres no other way 2 fly!

You have msn? I've got my own ventrilo server we can use too.

dvorak Guest

I would be interested in joining that, also I have my own server with FSHost on it so I wouldnt mind hosting the game

I would like to fly seriously (seeing espcially that I am a real world pilot as well). I really hate multiplayer sessions where people just jump in fighter planes and start crashing. But if this is going to be a serious one, where a few people do a route in a suitable plane, dont overspeed and have respect for other players then I'd love to join and help out

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GT2006 Trainee

Well I wouldn't mind going in a small prop or something, as I've been doing alot of that lately...

dvorak Guest

Yeah a small prop sounds fine

dvorak Guest

OK I'll host the game then. See the thread I made for details of it (thread in multiplayer forum)

I also included rules, the ip to connect to, times (in GMT format to avoid confusion) and an optional route, which is a UK circuit, starting in EGJJ (Jersey Airport, one of the channel islands)

The thread is called "Multiplayer Server for Serious Flyers"

All times are GMT Page 1 of 1

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