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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Flying from Greece to Somalia (with two middle waypoints)with a vintage beauty was more than a pleasant experience.

Lockheed L-049A Constellation is one of my favorite ❤️ crafts. ➡

Here is a short(?10 Embarassed shots?) resume of my trip. 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Beautiful shots as always Greekman 👍

Textures are perfect and nice angles have been used 😎

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Faucett Captain

Great cloud shots 👍


Pilau Guest

Wow @ the clouds! Can your system cope with so many 3D clouds?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

OH! Spectacular! That has always been one of my favorites also. I have a screenshot of one I landed at Edwards on one engine.

Your colors are brilliant, it is amazingly sharp and the night shots are not to be believed, I want your video card!
You have outdone yourself with this one.


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violentviolet Captain

Very nice shots,and one of my favorite aircraft.I put a screenshot of the L-049A into the gallery,which appeared in the FS2002 section,but compared to your pictures mine looks rather weak-assed! Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down

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freedspeak First Officer

Beautiul shots. One of my all time favorite aircraft. Sure wish it had a VC ... I'd download it in a heartbeat.

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Chief Captain

You certainly captured the beauty in this aircraft GM ... Thanks for sharing 😉

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Amazing shots GM72....especially the landing ones 😉

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Wing-man Captain

Some of your best GM72 👍 Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Ehh not bad seen better 😂

Is that Active Sky Grpahics for the clouds because that looks to good for default?

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I know that i had post better shots in past Liono...Thanks for remind it to me 😂 😂 😂 😉 👍

I already point in my previous screenshot post ,that you ask me for it,that i use Active Sky6 . 😉


Thanks for your kind comments my friends. Bow Down
The fact that this craft has a lot of admirers makes me more than happy...I thought that Vintage Prop lovers was the minority here... 😉

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HelpsJ Trainee

nice pictures 😉

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Canyon (NoWorries) Captain

Greekman72 wrote:

Wow! Great shots! You could sell that one as a poster! I would buy one!

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

Greekman you have persuaded me to fly that beast!!

It looks a beauty to fly. I don't normally fly vintage a/c but just looking at those screenies...I will fly it ❗ 🙂

FANTASTIC SHOTS ....they are getting better and better ❗

Well done mate 😉

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