Adding new planes into FS2004

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I have imported a number of aircraft such as FA18, Vickers Viscount but each time my instruments are blank. Can someone please help me out. 🙄

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Not knowing exactly which aircraft (zip names) that you downloaded and installed I would guess that you had to put the gauges into the main gauge folder, zipped or open whichever the read-me instructed you to do.
A guess 🤔 , if you have a Nvidia card and old drivers that could cause it also, update your drivers.


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I had to manually( by way of the mouse) copy and paste each and every file in the guages folder of the Cessna 337 into the guages folder of the sim in order for the guages to show up. The Unzip wizard did it right the first time, but the second time I could'nt get it to work. Make sure your guage files are in the right place. If you see a folder with a zipper on it in the guages folder of the sim, you'll have to unzip it or copy and paste each file to the sim guages folder.

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Shortcut. Click on "Edit" and "select all", that'll highlight all the gauges and you can move them all at once. You may not want to override new with old (only drawback).
Read the read-me carefully, there are some zipped gauges that aren't to be unzipped and some that are.


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