Wright Brother - How long can you keep it up ??

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Hi all,

Just wondering what the longest anyone has managed to keep the Wright Brothers "plane" in the air for ?

My current record is an unspectacular 7 seconds - has anyone out there managed to beat the Wright Bros ?

The plane just tends to stall then level and crash a bit, then take-off, stall, then crash a bit, etc, etc, etc... It's all good fun trying though!

Anyone manage better ? 😛

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I have managed to fly it between the houses at the end of the field, out over the ocean, and run out of fuel. That takes a few minutes, as I recall.

Turns are the most difficult, because it wants to skid sideways.


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I can't get over the engine sound, I wonder which lawn and garden shop they bought that Briggs & Stratten lawnmower engine from? ROFL

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LOL - yip, I bet it was pushing out all of 10hp but hey we shouldn't laugh, we wouldn't have anything to talk about on here if those guys hadn't have gotten that paper lantern with the Lawnmower Engine into the sky! 😂

I have to laugh when I view the pics of the plane with the poor pilot (whichever Brother), straddled out flat across teh body of the plane - what a brave (foolish) guy !


First of all you have to make sure you have decent weather conditions. I just picked clear skies for mine.
I was able to keep it up in the air for at least 2 minutes.
The important thing is not to pull up until you have maximum speed on the ground. When you do pull up, do it very slowly and carefully. The plane will begin to lift almost by itself at this point anyway, so it doesn't need much help on that score.
Once it's in the air, I kept it practically straight and level, didn't want to push my luck lol.

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I left all kinds of scrape marks on the rnwy at Newark-Heath- KVTA. 👏 😂

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