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Hi all,

I'm new to FS2004 so apologies if this is a nuggetine question... but are there no views of the cabin / passengers available in the sim ?

I'm cross-referring (perhaps irrelevently) to MS Train Sim, where there are views available of the carriage interiors on Passenger trains - some 3D, some static.

I'm just getting the hang of the view options in FS2004, which are great but I'm surprised that when I'm flying something as mighty as say the Triple 7, that there is no option to take a look in the Cabin at the Trolley Dolly's serving the drinks !! 😀

Is this possible ?

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A few ways, you can buy Active Camera which will give you outstanding views.
The other way is to use the keys on your "key pad" with the "Num Lock" on (press "+" or "-" for zoom in or out). Use them only when your looking at the panel, if your outside the aircraft you'll get different views of it.

Take a look at one that I posted here, if you "play" with the joystick you can see the aircraft yoke move.


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Firstlt, WOW, that is a superb cockpit view, the texture on the leather seats is amazing ...... what sort of plane is that in the pic ?

The view I was actually wondering about though, wasn't the cockpit, it was whether or not it was possible to view the passenger cabin on any of the planes ? It's maybe not possible and one for the FS2006 wishlist, but I was surprised that it wasn't possible to take a look into the Passenger areas of the big commercial planes, like the 747 or the 777.

Will have to get Active Camera though !


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😀 Some add on aircraft have passenger cabin views.Meljet was one,alas the Meljet site has been down for some time now
You could try Avsim or and use the search facilities on those sites

Hope it helps

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Thanks - will do....

thanks, tom the tank...

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