Hello, can any1 tell me when to use the lights and switch them on and off plz 😀

Thanks 😀

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Lights are used at night for taxi, takeoff and landing and for collision avoidance during daytime or night. (USA)

General Aviation
1. Landing light(not required but useful)recommended below 10,000 ft. for collision avoidance. Used for T/O and Landing at night.
2. Positions lights must be on sunset-sunrise.
3. Beacon must be on at all times.
4. Strobes (if equipped, not required) are used in flight at night.
5. Taxi light (not required)- taxi at night.

1. Landing light (required) used as above, on below 10,000 ft.
2. Position lights- on anytime electrical power in on the aircraft (APU or engine running).
3. Beacon- same as above.
4. Strobes-(required)same as above.
5. Taxi-(required) same as above.

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