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FS 2004 "Easter Eggs"

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Heres a list of gliches\oddities in FS i found a while back.

"Microsoft developers as with many game programmers like to add little things in thier games that people might just happen upon called Easter Eggs, and with FS9 it is no different.
Here are a few things to check out while flying although maybe not considered a official Easter Egg are cool anyway and you may not know of them.
If you have any hidden goodies to share please do!!

In order to find these quickly here is what needs to be done:
You must make sure you are in "Slew Mode" before entering coordinates!

1) Start any type flight press "Y" for slew mode

2) Open the map from cockpit or file menu

3) Enter your info

Here we go!

Mt. Rushmore
N43* 52.41'
W103* 32.68
Alt. 6818
Head. 130

Niagra Falls
N43* 5.56'
W79* 4.88'
Alt: 900
Head: 160
Check out the elevators and moving sattalite dish to the right, as well as the Maid of the Mist near the falls!

Hoover Dam
N36* 5.56
W114* 44.86'
Head: 055

Sea World (San Diego)
N32* 46.26'
W117* 14.86'
head: 275
NOTE: the altitude will be placing you on the ground, you may want to alter it if you just wish to fly over and wave at Shamoo.

Space Shuttle (Edwards AFB)
N34* 56.93'
W117* 53.10'

Cape Canaveral
N28* 36.63'
W80* 36.78'

Walt Disney World
N28* 24.72'
W81 36.51'

There is a active volcano on the "Big Island" Hawaii also don't have the coordinates 😞
Among these there are other not so on purpose attractions (anomalies if you will, some may have been fixed with the 9.1 patch) to fill your time such as:

1) An awsome canyon in Arkansas. Go to KTXK and fly north for about 15 miles and you will be over a lake that falls into a canyon that is 15,000 feet deep. (Yes, that's 15 thousand feet) There is water down there so bring floats. Bring your copter and look for cracks in the walls.

2) Davis Airport in Muskogee Oklahoma, ID: KMKO has been undermined by massive sink holes.
Normaly runways in FS will force the terrain to the same height but not in this case. The runways seem to be holding up but do not taxi on the approaches as they cannot support any weight.

3) Go to KSEA, Fly heading 257 for 60nm and you will find a very unusual lake in the rugged mountains.

4)Airports in holes!
FMNX is surrounded by flat lands, why would anyone dig a pit and put an airfield in it?

4Z5 Well? Here is another one and it's worse.


Airport in a canyon. Airport: Rio Amazonas, City: Shell Mera, ID: SESM
The field altitude is 3426ft msl, runway 12 obstruction: 6000ft msl, runway 30 obstruction: 9000ft msl
Fly heading 140 from SESM for about 10nm and
you will see a magic river on a mountain top

Quite possibly the worlds hghest mountain?
Go to SYKM and look to your right. You can't miss it.

Seven Springs Airport in the hills of western Pennsylvania, ID: 7SP.
A tad close to the springs I must say!

2400 foot high tidal wave heading for Antartica! Good thing it's not moveing.
You need to select Summer, Day Time and Clear Weather to get a good look.

South 73* 28.14' West 127* 1.16' Altitude 1500, Heading 300

Here is another one 11,550 feet deep. There is a small airport, M03 just to the northwest. If you have your floats, you can go to 2M5, turn right and taxi over the falls. If you want to start from a larger field, go to KSGF and fly about 25mi NW.

For this one you need to set back your date and time.
fireworks at midnight dec 31 2003 over any major city.

Head to the Artic circle at night to see some Northren Lights

Or to Coney Island to check out some working rides.

There have been reports of the Loch Ness monster being seen but I have yet to find it.

Im certain there are many more and as I come accross them I will add to the list!
Have fun!"

I've had alot of fun going around with 3-4 people in MP and showing them these.

I have no idea who made this list but it was certainly a great list!

Enjoy!! 😀 😀 😀

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Very detailed and well written but I voted No on the basis that there is never much talk about the "Easter Eggs" in FS9 so its use would be fairly limited in day to day posting - plus, we have a lot of stickies as it is at the moment.

Its still very useful as a reference point though if somebody needs some guidance.

Just my opinion 😉

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davidmac1 First Officer

Thats a very interesting list there and one that could come in useful, thats why i have voted 'yes' for sticky

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