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Maintenance Mode & Cabin Views????

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I'm realivly new to the world of micrsoft flight simulator and I'm sure theres way to much to know about it, but, I've noticed on some of the new planes i download they speak of a "maintenance mode in which the engine doors open for easy access" and they also boast a "new cabin view that looks just like the inside of a <enter airtravel company name here> Boeing" and what not. What in gods name are they talking about and how do I enter maintenance mode or cabin view???? Do I have to assign keys functions to them or can I just enter them from the menu??

Sorry if this a stupid question, but it really bothers me that I download this stuff and I have no clue how to utilize it

Thanks for your help!!

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😀 sounds to me as if youve down loaded a Meljet 777(a very nice piece of work) 😀
I think its press Shift + E for the maintanace mode
Shift + E then press 2 for cargo doors

To walk about the cabin you need to download Active Camera ( Its free but Can't remember the site but try Google )

You should have had a user guide with it when you unzipped it(see if youve still got it and unzip again)

Hope this helps 😀

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I think, that's the Active Camera, you mean:

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😂 Yep thats the one Embarassed it was free(must have been the 2002 version)........ its still a good add on

Thanks 😀

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