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I was wondering why dosent Northwest have any 737's? Are the Airbus A319's and A320's taking the place and doing a better job? Also i know on other forums on other websites there have been disscussions on the DC-9's. In my opinion northwest should dump the fuel consumers and get a few ERJ 170/175/1790's or is that a stupid move. please leave opinions!
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Northwest is slowly phasing out their DC-9's. I don't know what is replacing them, but I know a good chunk of their old DC-9 fleet is now sitting in the Mojave desert. They will share the same fate as Northwest's 727s.

As for the 737s, I suppose it's just one aircraft Northwest prefers not to carry. They chose Airbus over Boeing. But that is the same matter with many airlines. Look at Delta for example, ever since they phased out their old A310 fleet, they have not carried a single Airbus in their fleet. Currently, their entire fleet is Boeing (not including Comair, ASA, etc..)

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