How to create FS 2004 videos?

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Can someone explain me how to create videos using Fraps? The way I do it is I first record a video then save it, then playback later. But some people use "Instant Replay". What is that and how is it done? The videos of fraps I use are quite big (around 1 GB for 30 seconds :S). Also how do I then put it on the website, for others to view it?


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When you finish your flight or during your flight you can use the Instant replay in order to replay your flight.
In the first choice you put the time (in seconds)you want your flight to be replayed.
For example if you put 100 it will starts plays the previous 100 seconds before the time you hit the alt button in order to enter to FS menu.

When you finish recording your flight by Fraps you have to edit your video with an edit program.You can add-music,effects,titles or subtitles.

A friendly program to the user is the Windows Movie Maker(Default program from W-XP).
There you can import your video and you can edit it.
When you finish editing it has an option-wizard which save's this video and same time it is converted from avi to wmv.
After this conversion you will notice dramatical reducing of size.1000mb from avi turns to about 15mb of wmv(or close)

Then you can use or to upload your video and share the link with us in order to download and watch it. 😉

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Thanks. I'm going to try it out now. Going to post soon my first landing, they're eventually improving.

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