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dvorak Guest

Hey everyone

I am setting up a multiplayer server for all series flyers to join.

Date: Saturday 21st July.
Time: 20:00GMT - 00:00GMT
Route{/b]: UK Circuit (EGJJ - EGLL - EGCC - EGAA - EINN - LFPG - EGJJ)

Note: Route is optional, you do not have to do it if you like. If you decide not to do it, and do your own route, please stay out of the UK as to avoid getting in player's ways. Thank you. The above UK hops route is not suitable for a 747 as some of the airports are unable to support one (runway too short)

-No swearing
-No floods in the chat box
-No disrespect to other players in any form
-No crashing other players
-No escorting or messing of any sort
-No unsuitable planes for the route that you are doing (no fighter jets, no space shuttles, no ground veichles etc)

There will be no teamspeak for this server, so please announce your actions in the chat box (some people know this as type atc, in a traffic form, like this.. "Speed Bird 2432, is 5nm out, inbound runway 9, Jersey Airport, will report clear of runway")

The server is installed with FSHost. Admins have the right to kick or ban anyone who breaks these rules in anyway, or acts in a way which is inappropriate to a serious multiplayer game of Flight Simulator

You need Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004 to be able to join

Connect to the default port, 23456

I hope to see you there

Also remember that them times above are GMT, so they may be different to your local time

dvorak Guest

Oh I forgot to mention,

When 'spawning' at an airport, spawn at a gate, not a runway (make sure the location thing isnt left on Active Runway)

This could affect people landing

Anyone who spawns at a runway will be kicked

dvorak Guest

Post here if you think you can make it because I would like to get an idea of numbers etc


duckboy81_2 Guest

Sat is the 22nd. i might be on also

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