My VERY first attempt at a Repaint

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Only done the left side so what do you guys think? The PMDG 737-700 Version

Also at night when I turn the lights on, the plane turns transparent. Any ideas on how to cure this. I remember seeing it somewhere but I can't for the life of me remember where.

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I'm not sure about the colors...but the quality looks top notch!

I'm not sure why it's turning transparent, did you resave it as a DXT-something I think its DXTBMP(aka Extended Bitmap). It will load just fine as a JPG, but without being an extended bitmap, it can do all sorts of crazy things!

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Awsome!!! Very first attempt you say man pretty good
Actually Extremly good!!!

🙂 😀

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Excellent! I wouldn't be caught dead in that but you did a great job.


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Cool design and detail!

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much better than my first try 😉

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Very nice design Liono 👍

...and also, great scenery with the cars in the background 😉


The transparent aircraft sounds like the night textures are missing.

The day texture usually have a T at the end. There should be one with the same name ending in L or LM instead of T.

LM is an older system I would think it is L in this case.

The night texture will probably be solid black with windows on to let the windows shine through but block the transparency of the main fuse.

Garry Russell

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